Field Fit is a One-on-Some Personal training center in Scottsdale that offers the following:

  • Customized explosive fitness training workout with a focus on building the body’s core.
  • Station exercises incorporate current, innovative professional athlete training elements. Our Fitness Trainers customize every workout based on each member’s level of fitness, wants, and needs.
  • Member workouts are always under the supervision of a group personal trainer with a professional sports background.
  • No class times start your workout whenever YOU want.
  • Members can work out every day of operation for a single monthly fitness membership fee
  • A supportive environment where members can build social life and make new friends. We offer rewarding contests and events designed to make working out fun and build camaraderie and teamwork between our members and with our staff.
Group Personal Training Fitness Programs - Fitness Workout

Our advanced fitness training is designed and taught by professional athletes, focused on building the body’s core. Adding lean athletic muscle forces your body to burn more calories daily. The more muscle you have the more calories you burn. It is that simple.

Research shows that this is best achieved by doing a minimum of 30-60 minute core-based fitness sessions three or four times per week. Our advanced training work the abs and other core muscles that will allow you to quickly flatten your stomach and tighten your glutes. It has been shown that working your core (the muscles that control, move and stabilize the hips and lower body) also has the highest rates of calorie burn.

As an example, we teach you how to strengthen your legs with multiple types of lunges, some with weights and some using only body weight. Keeping your legs on the ground, for most if not all of your exercises, forces the body to use all of the muscles required for that movement enhancing overall body strength and balance.

As professional athletes know, increasing core strength with an acute focus on building “fast twitch” muscle, defined as speed and explosive muscle, helps build muscles in the upper and lower body more effectively, especially as it pertains to movement. Strong core and well developed “fast twitch” muscles are the key to explosive athletic movement whether it be running, throwing a ball, or striking a hockey puck. These are the muscle groups that will allow you to jump higher or accelerate faster.

Our personalized fitness training programs are carefully designed to prevent injury while working out as each preceding station warms up muscles that will be used in the next station.

Muscular imbalances or weakness in the core can lead to everything from back and joint pain to problems with posture. Our fun but intense circuits not only help prevent potential injuries during your workout but also while playing sports or moving through your daily routine.