The Ideal Fitness Environment: Choosing the Right Gym

When it comes to the ideal workout environment, not all gyms are created equal. Your experience is influenced by every aspect of where you chose to work out, including the colors, lighting, and even the base materials like flooring! Choosing the most effective environment can help propel you towards your fitness goals and create a more positive workout experience each time you hit the gym.

When it comes to color, research proves specific hues are more beneficial for boosting intensity and endurance during a workout. Most notably, blue and green are known for increasing productivity levels and boosting mental and physical endurance. Researchers from the University of Essex designed a study to investigate how color affects the mood of those mid-workout: weight lifters in blue rooms reported feeling more comfortable with heavier weights and an increased amount of reps compared to subjects in other colored rooms. Psychologically, blue makes us feel at ease and comfortable in our environment, which in turns allows for a more focused workout.

Two different studies published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology in 2012 revealed that seeing green before or during a workout stimulated motivation and increased endurance. Participants in the green-hued rooms reported feeling more energy and being in a better mood following a workout as well. Choosing a gym with bright hues of green and blue can actually improve your overall workout experience and encourage results by psychologically stimulating exercise intensity. Consider it a visual boost!

Without proper lighting, even the brightest colors seem dull, and your mental state is no different. Poor lighting conditions can cause fatigue, sleepiness, and stress. Besides feeling sleepy, your cortisol levels (a hormone responsible for aiding in muscle development) actually drop significantly in poor lighting conditions. Brightness is one of the most important elements for creating an energizing fitness environment, and the lack of it leads to unstable energy levels that stress the body and mind. Studies have shown that natural daylight can make you feel more alert and energized. Choose a gym with an open layout and great lighting to ensure you are not losing energy and focus to dim bulbs!

Once you find a visually motivating gym, you also need to consider the materials being used on more basic features, such as the flooring. You want to protect your joints by choosing a gym with air cushioned, premium flooring. Flooring systems like DuraFlex incorporate a raised pedestal design that lifts the material off of the base to create pockets of air space for the ultimate cushioning effect. Basically, it’s a little extra love and care for your body during high impact situations like jumping or running. Premium fitness flooring absorbs sound and vibrations for increased shock absorption, meaning you don’t have to worry about hurting your knees while jumping rope. A cushioned base will create a safe and stable foundation for your entire workout and can help reduce the likelihood of repeated impact injuries.

Of course, if your goal is to workout harder, you need more than just the ideal environment. Exercising with another person who you consider to be very fit, such as a trainer or athlete, can increase motivation and provide support! You always want to choose an environment filled with enthusiastic and motivational people. Investing in a personal trainer or participating in a class lead by an instructor will drastically increase your odds of experiencing fitness gains. Your personal trainer should be invested in your fitness and want to see you succeed in reaching your personal goals! Choose a gym with friendly and fit trainers and you’ll be more likely to experience success than someone trying to do it alone.

Choosing the right workout environment for yourself can seem overwhelming, especially with large number of fitness chains popping up, but following these guidelines can ensure you’re getting the absolute most that your gym has to offer. Select a gym with bright colors like blue or green, premium lighting and flooring, and enthusiastic trainers that are invested in your success. With these elements in line, all that’s left to do is have a killer workout!