The phenomena of afterburn promises to continue burning calories even after you’ve left the gym and hit the couch, but is it real? Is it really possible to work out efficiently enough to keep your internal body working after you’ve physically completed exercise? Research is divided on whether afterburn is real, but you can still follow these simple steps to … keep reading >

Let’s Actually Keep Our New Year’s Resolutions

We all start the year with promises of bettering ourselves and our lifestyles, but most of us fall off the bandwagon before February. What makes keeping a beneficial New Year’s Resolution so challenging when it comes to fitness? The answer is simple and luckily so is the solution. This year you can actually achieve your fitness goals, and the process … keep reading >

Why You Should be Working Out with a Professional Trainer

Choosing to team up with a professional trainer guarantees a consistent and challenging workout each time you hit the gym. Don’t waste any more time wandering from one machine to the next instead of actually improving your fitness. During a thirty minute circuit workout at FieldFit, your trainer will facilitate fun exercises that focus on core strength and stability in … keep reading >

The Best Way to Fuel Your Fitness

  With so much attention on fad diets and trends, it’s easy to forget about how nutrition actually fits into your fitness routine. A strong nutritional foundation is vital for fueling your muscles during a workout. Making the wrong food choices before and after working out can sabotage your fitness goals by denying your body the proper nutrients it needs … keep reading >

Increase Your Workout Density For Better Results

Increase Your Workout Density For Better Results If you have hit a plateau in your fitness routine, the problem could be density. High density training enhances your normal workout by increasing the volume of work and decreasing the total duration. The concept is simple: Do more work in less time for faster results. High density workouts like circuit training increase … keep reading >

Why You Can’t Skip That Core Workout

With all the buzz surrounding total body workouts, it is easy to forget about targeting core strength, but that might be the mistake that’s holding you back from achieving your desired results. When people hear the phrase “core workouts” they immediately assume endless crunches and sit-ups are required for washboard abs, but the benefits of core workouts far surpass the … keep reading >