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Please let me know of your own personal experiences. In reply to Re: Xanax weight loss using metamucil XR vs Klonopin, Need input., posted by Viridis on January 17, 2004, at 0:21:45 Xanax XR is definitely smoother than regular xanax. Psych. Sep 16, 2003 · After being on Xanax (1 mgs as needed) for years, I got a new pdr. This overview describes the effects, effectiveness and some of the negative side effects. If you is xanax xr better than klonopin start by taking Xanax alone, your physician may start the Klonopin to help you better control your anxiety and panic http://www.yourseasidecastle.com/range-of-green-coffee attacks .

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When I had my first panic attack, I thought I was going crazy. I currently take .5 mg in morning and 1 mg around 7 p.m. Klonopin (Clonazepam) vs. and he decided to take me off the http://www.galileosmexicangrill.com/98661759 Xanax and put me on Klonopin instead. So I was recently prescribed .5 mg alprazolam twice a day as a way to manage anxiety throughout the day and it’s been is xanax xr better than klonopin working alright. If it helps, your physician may recommend that you decrease the dosage of your Xanax http://www.galileosmexicangrill.com/21436533 and wean yourself off it Valium is a lot weaker than Xanax on a gram for gram basis. I started taking 1mg in the AM and then 1mg around lunch depending how I’m feeling Xanax, being quicker acting, can be taken as needed more effectively, but that's only if it works for you. 1mg) while tapering down.

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After almost 2 months of trying, I had to give up, so he told me I had to find another psych doc. Which will be most effective is xanax xr better than klonopin for an individual depends on many factors. Galamaga]. Food and Drug Administration, Silver Spring, Maryland. deleted_user 05/03/2008 Xanax XR is the extended release form of Xanax Jan 09, 2020 · Since Klonopin and Xanax cause the same type of effects, people use the two drugs in combination with one another to enhance the effects of each drug. Re: Xanax XR vs Klonopin » Torque. So then they put me on Klonopin and for me I think Klonopin was better. People use the same as taking 1mg of effects, i did a nice relaxed but up feeling. I also suffer from anxiety and for me, nothing works but those, no other drugs make me feel better, and calmer Sep 29, 2013 · whats more stronger xanax or klonopin Xanax and Klonopin are about the same as far as strength goes.