Post Physical Therapy: What Now?

If you are currently recovering from an injury and have already completed your physical therapy, you might be left wondering what the next step is. After a serious or reoccurring injury, an effective fitness program will help maintain any progress in range of motion, strength, and stability that was gained during physical therapy. Post-physical therapy exercise can seem overwhelming or even impossible if you are still experiencing pain or fatigue, but continuing to strengthen your body will ensure that you continue to make progress on your road to complete recovery.
Instead of taking a chance at the gym and possibly re-injurying yourself, choose a rewarding program that will safely challenge your body. At FieldFit, enthusiastic professional trainers are working with individuals with specific aftercare concerns to create safe, fun, and effective workouts based on their personal goals and current limitations.

Professional Support
Choosing to workout with a professional trainer is a safe and challenging way to continue your aftercare progress. At FieldFit, you no longer have to worry about staggering rates for a personalized environment. Each circuit is facilitated by a professional trainer who provides individualized attention to every client. If an exercise causes pain or anxiety, your trainer will offer a modification or alternative exercise to guarantee that you are challenging your body without jeopardizing your safety. Your wellbeing is the number one priority of your trainer.
Instead of taking it too easy because of fear or concern, you will feel comfortable while still challenging your muscles. Your trainer will keep you focused and accountable during your workout to encourage fast and noticeable results. You will quickly notice a boost in your strength and stamina! Working within your current physical abilities, your trainer will continually strive to increase your strength and challenge your endurance. Let the professionals focus on preventing injuries so you can confidently focus on increasing your overall fitness.

Focus on Strength
FieldFit’s strength based approach to fitness is an innovative resource for aftercare clients looking to restore their body to pre-injury condition. One of the main goals of physical therapy is to build muscles that are strong enough to support and protect the joints. By focusing on strength training, your body will continue to build and maintain the necessary stability that helps to support movement. By increasing strength in your whole body, you create a solid foundation of muscular support including the tissues surrounding your injury. Building strength is vital for safely returning to activity, managing pain, and avoiding re-injury. When your body is stable and strong, everyday activities and athletic training can be fun and pain-free again.

Restore and Rebuild
It’s easy to stop putting in effort after physical therapy sessions end, but the ultimate goal of post-physical therapy exercise is to bridge the gap between rehabilitation and fitness while continuing to support recovery. Whether your goal is to return to the field or simply function pain-free, post-physical therapy exercise is key for maintaining and continuing your progress. Working with a FieldFit trainer will safely increase your strength, extend your range of motion, promote flexibility, and stabilize your joints through fun and effective workouts. Don’t let the progress you’ve made slip away- plan your next workout today! *Barring any medical-related restrictions from your physician, most exercises are safe. Please consult with your primary-care provider before starting a program after physical therapy.