FieldFit members will be fitted with a MYZONE® belt to keep you motivated by offering truly accurate tracking of your effort levels through heart-rate monitoring. Through goal setting, social accountability, fun challenges and the opportunity to earn badges and climb status rankings, we make working out fun and engaging to help keep you on track. It’s no secret that if you put in the effort required you’ll get the results you want, and if you don’t, you won’t – MYZONE® is here to help make sure you do!

Step 1

Fit my belt then start my workout

Step 2

Live data is displayed when in the gym. Exercise away from the gym is recorded.

Step 3

Workout data is wirelessly uploaded at the club.

Step 4

Receive email summary following upload.

Step 5

Check my results online.

Step 6

Tracking Keeps me on target.

Step 7

Acheive my goal.

MyZone Steps MyZone Steps

Motivation is driven by feedback.

Staying on track delivers results.

Feedback keeps you on track.

Easy wireless upload - touch free!