Let’s Actually Keep Our New Year’s Resolutions

We all start the year with promises of bettering ourselves and our lifestyles, but most of us fall off the bandwagon before February. What makes keeping a beneficial New Year’s Resolution so challenging when it comes to fitness? The answer is simple and luckily so is the solution. This year you can actually achieve your fitness goals, and the process doesn’t have to be overwhelming or miserable. Follow these easy tips and start seeing the results you want before the gym empties out by springtime:

1. Be Realistic:

One of the biggest problems people have keeping their resolution starts before they even hit the gym! Setting a goal to lose twenty pounds in two weeks or to run a marathon by the end of January is silly and unrealistic. By cutting out unrealistic expectations and focusing on an obtainable goal, you’ll find more success and easily trackable results! Try setting a monthly goal to increase your endurance or a healthy weight loss of a few pounds a week. The same goes for how much time you plan on spending inside the gym. Spending multiple hours on a machine or lifting weights becomes dull and overwhelming very quickly, especially when you only need to be spending thirty minutes, three to four times a week completing a full body workout. Before you know it, you’ll be closer to your fitness goals than you ever thought possible.

2. Outline a Personal Plan and Stick to It:

Part of becoming healthier is committing to a positive lifestyle that values exercise and quality life choices. If you know you’re exhausted by the time you leave work at night, expecting you’ll be motivated to workout is unrealistic. Decide on a set time to workout, whether it’s before work, during your lunch break, or in the evening, and then stick to it. Creating a routine that compliments your current work and personal obligations will make achieving your fitness goals easier because you don’t have to rearrange your entire schedule. That being said, you should never reject reasonable flexibility. With a new circuit beginning every three minutes at FieldFit, you can push your workout back if you’re running late without fearing that you’ll miss a class! Refusing to be flexible (not flakey!) is one of the easiest ways to ruin your progress.

3. Professional Guidance and Support:

Hiring a personal trainer used to require a large financial and time commitment, but at FieldFit you’ll receive individual attention from a professional trainer interested in your personal success! Investing in the guidance of a professional trainer will keep you focused, on track, and safe throughout your workout. Trainers at FieldFit have professional athletic experience that keeps you performing safe and effective exercises that actually produce results. You’ll avoid injuries that can completely derail your progress and keep you from sticking to a routine. Having the encouragement of a professional urging you on will also keep you committed and enthusiastic about reaching your fitness goals. You’ll work harder under their guidance and quickly be proud of your progress!

Sticking to your New Year’s Resolution doesn’t have to be a struggle, but it does require hard work. Choose a realistic program that will keep you engaged and enthusiastic about reaching your fitness goals and you’ll be amazed at your progress in only a few weeks. Committing to a full body workout program like FieldFit circuit training will keep you focused and safe throughout your fitness journey. Make 2015 the year you actually changed your life!