Increase Your Workout Density for Better Results

Increase Your Workout Density For Better Results

If you have hit a plateau in your fitness routine, the problem could be density. High density training enhances your normal workout by increasing the volume of work and decreasing the total duration. The concept is simple: Do more work in less time for faster results. High density workouts like circuit training increase focus and intensity in order to build muscle and burn fat quickly. You can expect better results in half the time of a traditional gym workout!

No More Excuses

If you struggle to find time to workout, or just can’t stick to a fitness program, high density training is the solution to combating boredom and increasing motivation. The mental effort required to workout can be overwhelming and intimidating if you think you need to spend hours in the gym everyday. With FieldFit’s 30 minute workout, you only need a half hour, three to four times a week to support a fit and healthy lifestyle. Increasing the density of your workout will produce faster and more impressive results. You will feel a steady increase in your overall strength and endurance as you continue to complete circuits and improve performance. The results alone will keep you motivated and on track for achieving your personal fitness goals.

Increase Your Focus

Doing more work in less time forces your body to work harder to achieve the same amount of effort usually exerted in a traditional workout. Having a thirty minute time limit encourages productivity and prevents unnecessary breaks between exercises. Continuous activity keeps your heart rate elevated and helps to boost your metabolism and lactic acid production. You’ll burn more fat both during and after your workout while building functional muscle mass that contributes to overall strength. Under the guidance of a FieldFit trainer who ensures correct form throughout your workout, you can efficiently complete a intense circuit that produces quality results. Instead of struggling through an unfocused or unplanned gym session, you will be motivated to work harder and stay focused on your performance in a fun and challenging group setting!

Increase Your Intensity

A highly focused workout guarantees an equally high level of intensity. High density training allows you to work more muscle groups during just one workout than any other fitness program. The FieldFit professional trainer leading your circuit will alternate which muscle groups are being worked to prevent exhaustion and ensure that you are getting the most out of your time and effort. The 30 minute workout targets core strength with the intention of increasing your endurance, muscle mass, and overall fitness very quickly. In a short amount of time, you will be challenged to push your individual limits and successfully progress towards your fitness goals. Instead of stretching out your workout over an hour, you will condense that effort into thirty minutes of productive activity that produces real results. Just thirty minutes of high density circuit training will leave you feeling accomplished and satisfied when you leave the gym.

You can continue to spend hours in the gym hoping for results or you can increase your focus and intensity with high density training and smash through your fitness goals.