How Often Should You Workout?

Whether you’re a gym veteran or you’re just starting out, knowing how often to workout can be confusing. You want results but you can’t spend all your free time on a treadmill at the gym and you don’t want to waste time on ineffective programs. With fad workouts and outdated research promising results, it’s easy to get lost under the mass of available information. What it really comes down to is what kind of results you’re looking to achieve. Someone trying to lose total body weight will need to follow a different plan than someone focused on athletic training. Determining the most effective plan based on your personal goals will keep you on track and motivated!

Weight Loss
If weight loss is your goal, research shows that 30 minutes of intense exercise three to four times a week, with active rest days, is a safe and effective path to results. By focusing on a core based program like FieldFit’s advanced circuit workout, your body is pushed to the limit in a safe and supportive environment. An engaged and stable core will encourage overall strength, balance, and stamina that aids in total fat loss.
Of course, the more often you workout correctly, the faster you’ll begin to experience results. With the guidance of a professional trainer ensuring that you are safely and properly performing each exercise, increasing your frequency of workouts to five times a week can greatly improve results. It is vital to schedule active rest days in-between more intense workouts to give your body time to recover and prepare for next time. Remember that active rest days should be fun! Take a hike in a local park, play outside with your pet or kids, or organize a pickup game with friends. Being fit is a lifestyle, so pick something you can look forward to and feel enthusiastic about.

Muscle Gain
If muscle gain is your main priority, experts suggest three days of intense training with a partner or personal trainer. High intensity workouts that push your muscles to total fatigue will provide the fastest results for overall gain. By working out with an experienced partner or trainer, you can guarantee that your muscles will be pushed to the limit each workout. By boosting intensity to ensure muscle exhaustion, you can workout fewer times per week and still experience healthy results. When it comes to muscle gain, rest days are a requirement if you want to avoid overtraining and/or injury. Your muscles need time to repair microscopic tears before they can completely recover. Overtraining can lead to full on tears and other serious injuries that will sideline your entire workout plan for an extended period of time.

Athletic Training
Athletes interested in boosting performance should focus on increasing strength, stamina, and endurance while training. Working out with a trainer six days a week can help push physical limits to the next level. Research suggests that a strong core and well developed “fast twitch” muscles are the key to explosive athletic movement, which is why FieldFit’s high intensity circuit is so effective for athletes. As with any workout program, a day of active rest is vital to ensuring proper recovery.

A Note on Overtraining
When it comes to working out, more is not always the right choice. Overtraining is a serious concern that can have detrimental effects on both your fitness goals and everyday life. If you are constantly getting injured or sick, feel fatigued, experience insomnia, or have digestive problems, overtraining could be the cause. Cut back on the frequency of gym visits and allow your body the chance to recover and repair. Having the guidance of a trainer will ensure you’re pushing the right limits without sacrificing safety or wellbeing.

Regardless of your personal motivation for working out, the only guaranteed path to results is through consistency. Choose a workout routine that can become a permanent part of your schedule, regardless of other obligations. You might realistically only be able to hit the gym three times a week, and that’s okay! Make the most out of those three sessions and you’ll experience a healthier lifestyle that will only improve over time.