High Intensity Interval Training: It’s Time to Step Up

You should always be weary of trendy workouts advertised as the newest, fastest, most effective way to workout, but sometimes a new development in fitness is actually the real deal. When it comes to HIIT, High Intensity Interval Training, the safe and incredibly rewarding results support the hype. HIIT involves repeated rounds of intense physical effort followed by alternating periods of rest for 20 to 60 minutes, depending on intensity. Research from a 2014 study in Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism has proven that HIIT workouts offer the same results as continuous endurance workouts in just half the time. Ditch the hour you spend on the treadmill and try the convenient, fun, and scientifically backed program everyone is talking about.

The Science Behind HIIT
By pushing yourself to exert effort at a hard or very hard level in between short periods of rest, you force your body to burn both carbohydrates and fat during your workout. This process, known as metabolic flexibility, allows our body to use the right fuel at the right time and is greatly improved by HIIT workouts. Combined with an increase in EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) or more commonly referred to as after-burn, your body will burn more fat in less time. What’s not to like?
When we stress our body with extreme effort during a workout, oxygen levels decrease and our cells can only produce a small amount of energy. This prevents us from working out at an extremely high level such as sprinting for long periods of time. In contrast, during a HIIT workout, your body alternates between anaerobic and aerobic respiration, which allows your body to draw fuel from both stored glucose and fat. The variation also help to prevent training plateaus often experienced during continuous endurance workouts like jogging. You will be able to do more work in less time while being physically and mentally stimulated by fun and exciting new exercises. HIIT beats the boredom of a traditional gym and keeps your body guessing! This phenomena makes HIIT incredible effective at burning fat, increasing strength and stamina, and supporting a healthy and functional body for people of all ages and levels of physical fitness.

An Integral Part of Athletic Training
High Intensity Interval Training has been a staple of athletic programs for decades, and is finally reaching the general public as an unparalleled resource for fitness training. At FieldFit, trainers with professional athletic experience work to facilitate a dynamic and challenging workout for their clients. With consistent workouts, HIIT is proven to improve cardiorespiratory fitness that supports overall health and wellness. Research has shown improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol profiles, heart health, and metabolic function. In addition to the overwhelming health benefits, HIIT is also proven to decrease overall fat and quickly tone the body. One study published in the Journal of Obesity reported that 12 weeks of HIIT not only can result in significant reductions in total abdominal fat, but also can give you significant increases in fat-free mass and aerobic power.

Intuitive Trainers
Under the guidance of a professional trainer, you can efficiently decrease fat mass without losing muscle mass. HIIT programs also offer the option of personalized modifications to ensure safety and prevent injuries. At FieldFit, your trainer will push you to your optimal training intensity with intuitive techniques so you feel challenged but comfortable while reaching your fitness goals. One of the challenges of HIIT is preventing burn out from the incorrect and overuse of muscle mass. Under the guidance of an intuitive FieldFIT trainer, your safety is the number one priority, so even when you’re pushing your training limits, you can feel confident that you will avoid injury. At FieldFit, your trainer ensures that HIIT is not only incredibly effective, but also a fun and satisfying workout that will leave you feeling proud and excited for next time!