The Future of Fitness: Track Your Progress in Real-Time

A lot has changed since the first days of fitness monitoring systems and it’s clear the technology is here to stay. More and more fitness centers are beginning to incorporate wearables into their programs to keep clients fully engaged with their fitness goals. At FieldFit, some of the most innovative fitness technology is being used to motivate clients and track fitness progress. If you’ve ever wondered whether you are working hard enough, or not allowing enough time for recovery, FieldFit and the MYZONE tracking system are here to help.

MYZONE is the only exercise tracking system in the world that is able to provide real-time feedback of exercise intensity. The comfortable chest strap and monitoring system transmits heart rate, calories, and physical effort to a display screen right in front of you. MYZONE is 99.4% accurate compared to an ECG/EKG monitor, and can clearly show what percentage of your maximum effort is being exerted. This exciting technology allows for more precision during your workout, increased focus, and even more motivation.

FieldFit uses MYZONE to accurately and immediately track intensity levels during your workout. You and your trainer can easily see whether you are working out at an effective intensity level during an entire circuit training session. Precision readings help to track overall fitness development and ensure that you’re productively working towards any personal goals. This insight into your intensity levels helps to supercharge your workout by pushing you to reach the next level. Don’t worry about being pushed too hard though, your trainer will also use MYZONE to ensure that you are experiencing an adequate period of rest during HIIT (high intensity interval training) that is vital for muscle recovery. It’s easy to burn out from overworking your body, but at FieldFit, your trainer draws on personal experience, professional knowledge, and now the latest technology to prevent any chance of injury or overexertion. By tracking your intensity level, your trainer can guarantee that you are continuously progressing and getting the most out of your workout.

If you find yourself bored with a traditional workout or have trouble sticking to a fitness plan in general, MYZONE is a fun and motivating addition to your gym experience. The real-time upload speed of MYZONE is extremely motivating and helps to keep you focused on your workout. You can watch the display screen and visually monitor your intensity level to track personal progress during your entire workout. This engaging system motivates you to push yourself to reach various intensity levels. Your trainer can then guide you based on these levels and then easily modify or enhance exercises to suit your individual needs. With accurate data being tracked by MYZONE, you can quickly see whether you are working out at the necessary intensity levels for your fitness goals.

The addition of accurate intensity tracking in your workout also encourages you to stick to your fitness plan. Sometimes it’s hard to see whether a workout is effective just by looking at your body or stepping on a scale. With MYZONE and FieldFit, you can visually track your fitness development and see how your body is growing stronger and more efficient during your workouts! You’ll be able to track increases in your overall endurance and stamina that might otherwise be overlooked. By tracking and acknowledging this progress, you will feel more accomplished with your fitness development and excited to keep making gains. But besides the physical health benefits of using MYZONE during your FieldFit workout, it’s also a lot of fun! Before your workout session, set a goal and then watch yourself reach it on screen with real time updates to keep you motivated. Try it once and you will quickly realize why everyone is so excited to use this rewarding fitness tool.