Field Fit Circuit Training: Inspired by Athletes, Designed For You

It’s time to ditch the treadmill and discover a more effective workout! Field Fit circuit training is a series of dynamic and fast-paced fitness stations designed to enhance overall body strength and burn fat in just thirty minutes, three to four times a week.

The athletic training foundation of each circuit is inspired by the professional experience of Field Fit trainers and increases your overall body strength, stamina, and endurance by focusing on the body’s core performance. Each of the nine circuits challenge a specific muscle group for an explosive and targeted workout. A variety of fun but powerful body weight, free weight, and calisthenics exercises will burn fat and calories while sculpting lean athletic muscle. The overall body strength achieved through circuit training produces functional muscle mass, quicker reaction speeds, and a more stabilized core.

Field Fit’s innovative approach to strengthening the body’s core produces fast results and enhances performance both on the field and in your everyday life. This incredibly effective and fun workout utilizes athletic training to build more muscle, burn more fat, and keep you more motivated than any other fitness program.

Burn Fat, Gain Muscle

Field Fit circuit training will gradually build up your core strength which aids in burning more calories on a continuous basis. Circuit training sustains an elevated heart rate while strengthening your muscles, and as a result burns more fat than traditional cardio workouts. The rapid pace of circuit training increases lactic acid production which helps burn fat and rev up your metabolism. That boost in your metabolic activity is known as after-burn and will keep your body burning fat even after the work out is over! In just 30 minutes of circuit training, you will burn more calories than you would if you spent an hour on an elliptical. Ditch the hours spent on machines and start pushing yourself towards the results you want!

Professional Support to Keep You Focused

Without professional guidance, it is easy to waste time wandering around the gym or trying to figure out how to use machines. With Field Fit, each circuit is facilitated by a professional trainer with the skills and knowledge necessary to make sure you are working out to your full potential. Modifications based on your current fitness level ensure that you are safely performing an effective workout. Your trainer will offer support and feedback that prevent injuries while still pushing you to your individual limits. The fast pace and variety of different stations keep you focused while combating boredom and working to overcome training plateaus. Your trainer will help you to stay motivated and on track without feeling overwhelmed.

Flexible Options to Accommodate Your Schedule

Field Fit circuits provide a flexible workout that accommodates your hectic schedule. With a new station starting every three minutes, participants can jump in and complete as many or as few consecutive circuits as desired. You won’t have to worry about missing a class or adjusting your busy schedule in order to stay fit. There is no longer an excuse for neglecting your fitness routine when an efficient and dynamic workout is available every three minutes!

Forget about spending hours in the gym on the treadmill or lifting weights, you only need thirty minutes to complete a high calorie burning workout that you will be proud of. Field Fit circuit training offers a realistic opportunity to loose fat, increase muscle mass, and invest in a healthy lifestyle with just thirty minutes, three to four times a week.