Ryan BuchFieldFit co-founder Ryan Buch knows fitness because he learned it the hard way as he played 5-years of professional baseball with the Chicago White Sox and Colorado Rockies organizations. Now he wants to make it easy for you.

Working with world-class trainers in state of the art training complexes with the latest equipment and cutting-edge workout techniques, Ryan discovered his mission to spread these techniques to all kinds of people through customized personal workouts that will reduce risk of injury, decrease body fat, increase flexibility, improve balance, and build lean athletic muscle for anyone with any body type.

Ryan explains, “No matter what workout, gym or fitness center you go to, you always see treadmills, elliptical machines, bicycles and lots of cardio equipment. The one thing I want to point out is that cardio can damage fast twitch muscles and the muscles you want to accent.”

“If you compare a sprinter’s body to that of a long distance runner, the long-distance runner looks thin with minimal muscle mass and the sprinter, who runs short spurts, is athletically muscular, strong and well proportioned. This look is achieved by using a variety of exercises and equipment that develop all the major and minor muscles of the body. That’s the point I’m going to accentuate at FieldFit.”

Ryan has developed a unique approach to fitness training offering personalized workouts for every member ranging from balance and core stability to strength training. As membership is limited, you’ll become part of the close-knit FieldFit family that will always be there to provide positive support for your fitness and nutritional goals and encourage social well-being via our Calendar of Events. In essence, working out with friends and having fun together!

Whether you are male or female, interested in general health and fitness or looking for sports-specific performance, this customized workout and Ryan’s team of highly skilled trainers are right for you.

Discover how to leverage Ryan’s unique experience and personal assistance by visiting FieldFit or calling 623-218-7181 and take the first step to making your life so much better.