Why You Should be Working Out with a Professional Trainer

Choosing to team up with a professional trainer guarantees a consistent and challenging workout each time you hit the gym. Don’t waste any more time wandering from one machine to the next instead of actually improving your fitness. During a thirty minute circuit workout at FieldFit, your trainer will facilitate fun exercises that focus on core strength and stability in order to improve your overall fitness. Under the guidance of a skilled trainer with professional athletic experience, you will stay focused on your workout and motivated to keep working harder.
Everyone has different fitness goals, and whether you’re interested in losing weight, increasing muscle tone, or enhancing athletic performance, a professional trainer at FieldFit can help you get there!

The Focus to Stay Motivated

The huge variety of exercises, fad workouts, and confusing machines being marketed can make the gym seem overwhelming, but a professional trainer can help you navigate to the most effective workout. Working with a trainer keeps you focused on working hard during targeted exercises that are specifically chosen to help you achieve your fitness goals. Instead of spending hours at the gym on two or three machines, you can devote thirty minutes to a full body workout that actually challenges your fitness level! Having a trainer to support your goals will keep you accountable and encourage you to stick to your fitness routine as well. At FieldFit, you only need thirty minutes of hard work to get a satisfying and effective workout.

Prevent Injuries While Pushing Your Limits

It’s incredibly easy to injury yourself with improper form or too much weight during an exercise. If you’ve ever felt unsure about form or positioning, you might not be getting the most out of an exercise. That’s wasted effort that could potentially have damaging consequences. Having a professional trainer facilitate a workout guarantees that you will be using the correct form required to safely perform an exercise. You can work out with the confidence of knowing you’re safely and effectively using your body. Your trainer will take in to consideration past and present injuries to ensure you always feel comfortable while still preventing any future injuries! Individual adjustment and modifications personalize your workout and customize the impact based on your abilities and goals. At FieldFit, having the expertise of a professional athletic career allows your trainer to highlight specific body patterns and movements that directly influence performance on and off the field. You’ll safely develop strength, stamina, and endurance during thirty minutes of fun exercises that actually produce results!

Prevent Training Plateaus and Reach Your Goals

Even the most consistent workout can fail if there is not enough variety! Hitting a training plateau is easy without the help of a trainer to help keep your body challenged. If you’re hitting the gym and performing the same exercises each time, your body will eventually stop being challenged and you’ll notice the lack of results! A thirty minute circuit workout at FieldFit will feature diverse exercises that target your entire body to ensure you never feel like one area is being over or under worked. Your trainer will keep you on track towards reaching your goals with encouragement and modifications along the way. If one exercise isn’t challenging enough, or is just not right for you, your trainer can offer modifications to ensure you’re safely and effectively working out.

Choosing to work out on with a trainer can be the missing puzzle piece in your journey towards a healthier lifestyle! Whether you are interested in losing fat, gaining muscle, or increasing overall body performance, the professional trainers at FieldFit are ready to help you succeed! It only takes thirty minutes, three to four times a week, to make a noticeable change in your fitness- your trainer is waiting!