28-Day Kick Start Nutrition Challenge

We are pleased to announce that FieldFit is now offering the KICKSTART Program by Balanced Habits. This is no ordinary nutritional program. Based on over 30 years of research and 75,000+ success stories, KICKSTART is group format nutritional education program that lasts 28 days.

In the program you’ll

Learn to have a healthy relationship with food
Lose weight or increase Lean Body Mass
Get the accountability you need for success
Have fun & make new friends
Feel better with more energy and get a better night’s sleep

This program is only run 3x per year all over North America and on Sept. 22, 2017 we’ll be hosting one here at FieldFit. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Learn More about the Balanced Habits KICKSTART Program today at http://fieldfit.balancedhabits.com/.